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Ruin and Roses - Deanna Ortega

Ruin and Roses - Deanna Ortega

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A dark and spicy fantasy romance that follows Jane as she delves into the shadows, secrets, and curses that bind her world.

“I will never understand why women let men decide if they get to be the villain or the victim in their story.”

In a world of talisman powers and magical rivalry, Jane finds herself playing many roles—depending on the situation, she is either as soft as a rose petal or as lethal as the thorn. Swept deeper into a world of shadows and lies when her mentor, Baltazar sends her on a seemingly simple mission–donning the mask of dainty again, she finds herself fighting to maintain who she is beyond her pretty, painted exterior. The series of events to follow rip her in and out of her past, as she tries to move on from the unimaginable pain that led her to this life. Stealing from your soon-to-be fiancé is one hell of a wedding gift, but let’s hope he never discovers she is dodging eyes, lies, and daggers—while ensuring that not a hair is out of place for her royal obligations.

But…what if half-truths can’t prepare her for this life? And when the mission’s cost is more than she bargained for—her freedom and her life—what if she doesn’t want to pay the price? At least she still carries the favor of her loyal mare. And though her luck in love is not great, it is never hard for her to find some way to quench her thirst in her droughted kingdom. When her fiancé isn’t lurking over his newest possession, she is easily entertained with her ex-lover and unwanted keeper. Entangled with a lost love, whose secrets threaten to undo everything she’s worked towards, she has to manage the most daunting mission yet. An unfit marriage to the Mad King’s son. Will the Cursed King’s daughter survive?

“Looking into his eyes—the same ones I pictured every time mine closed—I wondered if things would have been different, if my mother had told me stories about great loves instead of tragic loss. But she hadn’t. And though I lived in a world of royals, I knew that princes weren’t noble, and that love didn’t prevail.”

//CW: Violence (Graphic), Death, Mature Content, Mature Language, Sexual Content, Mental Abuse, Physical Abuse, Misogyny, Suicide (Mentioned), Sexual Assault (Mentioned), Death of a Parent, Child Abuse, Animal Death//
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