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Running Into You - K.M. Gillis

Running Into You - K.M. Gillis

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You can't run from your feelings.

Betty St. Claire is perfectly content with her life. Having sworn off relationships, her life revolves around work, friends, and reality TV. Why would she step outside of her comfort zone when it’s so very comfortable? But when her best friend's brother moves two doors down the hall from her, her rules and routines will have to learn to be flexible.

Josh Pine is starting a new chapter in his life. New city, new job, and a new appreciation for his new neighbor. He may be the one who moved into her building, but she’s the one living rent-free in his head.

When a work fitness challenge puts a marathon in Betty’s future, Josh agrees to help her train for it. Their mutual attraction builds with every mile and soon running isn’t the only thing that's getting their heart rates up. They will need to work past old heartaches and hang-ups if they want a chance at going the distance.

Running Into You is a heartfelt dual POV romcom novel with laughs, spicy scenes, and a guaranteed HEA.
Tropes featured: friends to lovers, best friend's brother, forced proximity

Content Warning: This novel features a character with anxiety who experiences panic attacks

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