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Pages of Passion

Ruthless Moon - Jen L. Grey

Ruthless Moon - Jen L. Grey

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With my fated mate at my side, we face the final showdown for survival.

The attacks on wolf shifter packs continue to rage on.

Humans will stop at nothing to see us wiped out.

And those we once trusted continue to help them.

Deception is our game now.

We must use all our resources to rescue the captive packs.

Before it’s too late.

The only thing stronger than the bond with my mate is my determination.

Blood will be shed in this fight.

But we’re willing to risk it all to save our species.

Survival of the supernatural world hangs in the balance.

It’s a battle I can only hope we won’t lose.

*Please Note*
Welcome to Shadow City, where each trilogy focuses on a different pair of fated mates. By the end of every trilogy, each couple will have their happy ever after. However, not every mystery will be solved. Some secrets will span additional trilogies but will in no way take away from the individual stories.
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