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Ryan Reign - Sadie Kincaid

Ryan Reign - Sadie Kincaid

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The Wolf is back… which means that Jessie’s worst nightmare has just come true.

Determined not to let the monsters of her past ruin her future, she refuses to live her life in fear. But both Jessie and the Ryan brothers’ have pasts that are about to threaten the happiness they have so desperately fought for.

When long buried secrets are finally revealed, the Ryan brothers’ loyalty to Jessie, and to each other, will be tested to its very limits.

Because when everyone has something to hide, how do you know who is telling the truth? Everyone must choose a side. Has Jessie been tricked into choosing the wrong one all along?

And when the true identity of the Wolf is finally revealed, can any of them ever be the same again?

The Ryans might be back in Ireland, but is their reign about to finally come to an end?

Ryan Reign is a dark mafia, reverse harem romance that deals with mature themes. Trigger warnings include kidnap and reference to sexual/ physical abuse.
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