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Savage Alpha - C.J. Primer

Savage Alpha - C.J. Primer

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Who the hell is Javier Cruz?
My job is to dig up information on him in IT, but each search has only yielded more dead ends. He may as well be a ghost, for his lack of an electronic footprint. I fell in love with tech because it grants me the ability to always find the answer to questions such as this one, but for the first time in my career, I’m completely stumped.
So, here’s what I 
do know:
He’s the alpha of a nomadic pack of savages, here seeking asylum in our territory.
He’s confident, charming, and sexy as sin.
And, in a cruel twist of fate, it turns out that he’s my 

Why does forbidden fruit always taste the sweetest?

* * * * *
Savage Alpha is book two in the Shadowed Heirs series, a collection of paranormal romance novels centered around a group of aligned packs of wolf shifters. These books contain mature content (steamy scenes!), frequent use of profanity, and darker themes. While each book in the series concludes with a HEA and no major cliffhangers, there are some loose ends concerning the overarching storyline that runs throughout the entire five-book series. Each individual book is a standalone, but the series is best read in order.
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