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Scoring Chance - T.D Lua

Scoring Chance - T.D Lua

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If I hear the name Chiral Hall again, it will be too soon. He is the one person at Ballad U that I can’t stand and it’s just my luck that my besties are dating his.

Just when I think things can’t get worse, I get suckered into tutoring him for the rest of the semester. Most would buckle under the pressure I’m constantly under but I’ve recently found a good stress reliever. When I started my Main Fan’s account it was just a way to pay for my education, I wasn’t expecting him.


I feel like I’m a pretty decent guy so I don’t understand why Marina avoids me like you would the locker room full of hockey players after a grueling practice. No matter her reasons, I plan to break down her walls in any way possible because of that feeling in my gut.

The feeling that is telling me once she lets you in, it’s game over and I’m okay with that. Marina is the type of girl that you would move hell and earth for just for a genuine smile and to see the sparkle in her eyes that at times is shadowed with sadness from her past. It may not be right but when I find her Main Fans account, I can’t pass up the chance to connect with her on a different level.
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