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Scoring Chance - Teagan Hunter

Scoring Chance - Teagan Hunter

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Scoring on the ice? Piece of cake.

Scoring off it? Well, there's a reason I'm still a virgin.

I'm not entirely clueless with women, though I do tend to put my foot in my mouth around them far too often.

Like I did with Scout, the donut maker I stupidly introduced myself to despite visiting her truck for years.

Maybe my teammates have a reason to call me the dumb one, but I'm determined to prove them all wrong-Scout included.

I want to be her friend. Want her to see the real me.

What I'm not expecting is to like her so much when we start spending time together...or want to kiss her so badly.

I'm the jock, and she's the bookworm.

On paper, we make no sense together.

But maybe I have a scoring chance with her after all.

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