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Pages of Passion

Silent Vows - Jill Ramsower

Silent Vows - Jill Ramsower

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They thought she was unsuitable as a bride because she was mute.
I thought that made her perfect.
Silent. Invisible.

I could pretend she didn’t even exist.

I’ve been promised to the Irish.
My father will kill me if I refuse, just like he killed my mother six months ago.

His merciless ambitions stole the light from her eyes and silenced me in the process.
I haven’t spoken a word since her death.

That didn’t stop Conner Reid from choosing me to be his bride.
He threatens my composure and intoxicates my senses.
He represents everything I hate in this world yet summons my darkest cravings.

I can’t escape him.

The worst part is, I’m not sure I want to.
Because my life is in danger, and Conner may be the only man who can save me.

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