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Starstruck - Ivy Dawes

Starstruck - Ivy Dawes

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Dropped by my acting agent? Check. Dumped by my crappy ex boyfriend? Check.

This was not what I envisioned when I moved to LA. So I’m starting at the bottom. Again. When I get a job as a PA on the set of an upcoming Starlight Studios movie, I am stuck catering to the whims of a has-been who treats me like dirt. It’s almost enough to make me reconsider this gig. That is until I meet a background actor who gives me butterflies and makes me feel like I’m alive again.

But looks can be deceiving. Especially when he is buried under layers of facial prosthetics and fake blood. Turns out he’s not a background actor at all. He’s James Everett, the film’s leading star. He’s smart, funny, ridiculously handsome, and everything I want.

Falling in love with a movie star? Check. But does that matter when the film studio is pushing him to enter a fake relationship with someone else?


I have money, fame, and now the leadership role I’ve dreamed of for years at Starlight Studios is finally within my grasp. As long as I stay in line. Anyone would want to be in my shoes. But despite what the public believes, being a part of the Everett family acting dynasty isn’t all award shows and accolades. People only look at me for what they can get from me. Roles, connections, even just being seen in public with me is enough to boost someone’s image in Hollywood. It’s exhausting.

Then, I run into Kat… literally. She’s fun, feisty, and beautiful inside and out. Instead of wanting me for my name, she wants me for who I am. And she’s starting to make me question my father’s actions and his control over my career. The only problem? In order to get that promotion at my family’s film studio, I have to sign a relationship contract… with someone else. What we have is a bright spot in my life, but is it about to be extinguished?

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