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Taken to Heimo - Elizabeth Stephens

Taken to Heimo - Elizabeth Stephens

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He hates me and all humans. But he still calls me his.

Hm. There are a few things my Tri-God did not prepare me for. The first – Niahhorru pirates wanting to kidnap me. The second – my own human Council so willing to help them. And the third – the powerful draw I have towards the male who hates me most in this universe.

Well, he says he hates humans, but he'll still battle the Council, pirates and the whole of the universe to save my life.

And I'm counting on it. Because I've uncovered some secrets I shouldn't have, making me the most wanted female in the cosmos.

Taken to Heimo is book 4 in the Xiveri Mates series and features a human, head scarf-wearing heroine and the hateful inhuman hero who'll do anything for her – including defend her against several attacks, sensitive readers please be aware. While this book features a new couple and an HEA, it's best enjoyed after reading books 1 and 2.
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