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Taken to Lemora - Elizabeth Stephens

Taken to Lemora - Elizabeth Stephens

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He's the wealthiest male in the quadrants and I make his horns...itch.

I'm a hybrid from an unknown planet and a pleasure female up for auction. He's a Lemoran clan chief, among the wealthiest in all the quadrants.

With horns that shoot to the ceiling, the male shaped like a mountain is 
not one of the bidders supposed to purchase me. But he's here and he doesn't seem to want to leave.

Instead, he'd rather shout at me, the grump that he is and, when other males come to place their bids, he offers something I don't expect:

To fight them to the death.

Taken to Lemora is book 6 in the Xiveri Mates series and features a grumpy alien and a hybrid human female just discovering freedom and eager to grab it by the horns. Literally. Lemora is the not-too-distant neighbor of Voraxia and while this book cameos a couple familiar faces, it focuses on a new couple in a new constellation and can easily be read as a standalone.
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