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The Denver Alpha - C.J. Primer

The Denver Alpha - C.J. Primer

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He's organized and controlled.
She's wild and uninhibited.
They shouldn't go together, but they can't fight fate.

COLE : Being the alpha of the largest shifter pack in the state isn’t easy or glamorous. It takes quick decisions and a level head, and sometimes I have to make ruthless choices for the greater good. It’s a constant balancing act, only achieved with the highest level of organization- every aspect of my life is carefully curated and planned, down to the last detail. Some say I’m cold. Detached. Controlling. But we’d descend into chaos if I didn’t rule with an iron fist, so I do, and my pack falls in line. Little did I know, all it’d take is one girl to upend my life into chaos. One girl who won’t bow to me and fall in line with the rest. Juliet is too young, too wild and stubborn. She’s the one I want but can never have.

JULIET : All my life, I’ve played a part. The daughter of our pack’s former alpha; the sister of its current alpha. The darling of the Westfield pack. The smart girl. The good girl. The pretty girl. Everyone in my life seems to want me to fit a certain mold and behave a certain way, but I just want to be free. That’s why I jumped at the chance to get away from home for the first time. Enrolling at the University in Denver is my golden ticket out of my small town; my first real shot at freedom. It’s my chance to let loose and have fun for once away from the watchful eyes of my father and brother, and it’s one I’m not going to waste. I’m going to flirt with all the boys. Dance the night away. And the Denver Alpha? Now that I’ve set my sights on him, he doesn’t stand a chance.
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