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The Hurt of Letting Go - Lexi Bissen

The Hurt of Letting Go - Lexi Bissen

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Are we, or aren’t we? Conrad has been toying with me for too long, and enough is enough. He needs to decide if he wants to keep me or finally let me go.

Conrad Dugray
Falling in love was never part of my plan. I was supposed to graduate college and prepare to join the family business. My family’s expectations of me as the oldest son were far too high, and they were becoming harder to reach.
Emree was never supposed to be the girl I fell for. My family already had a future wife in mind for me and they would never accept someone with Emree’s background. I tried to push her away on multiple occasions, but it was becoming more difficult each time. Once my family found out about her, they would destroy anything we had.

Emree Anders
Being in love with a man who didn’t seem to want to be with you was a special kind of torture. Conrad constantly pushed me away and just when I thought I was over him, he was back again, claiming he couldn’t go another day without me.
My heart couldn’t take the tug-of-war game he continued to play with it, and I feared it might shatter the next time he pushed me away. I needed to stand my ground and make him decide if he wanted me or he would have to let me go.

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