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The Lone Wolf - Penelope Sky

The Lone Wolf - Penelope Sky

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I want a divorce.

I told my husband that I loved him, and his coping mechanism was to bed someone else. I grabbed my belongings and left the place I once called home. The only thing I left behind was the divorce papers—awaiting his signature.

Instead of adding his signature and dissolving this marriage as quickly as possible, he fights for me. Asks for forgiveness. Asks for another chance. Despite all my rejections, he keeps trying, and every time he tries it kills me…because I still love him.

He hasn’t worn his ring since our wedding day, but he slips it on and makes his proposal. “We only married because we 
had to. Let’s marry because we want to.” He slips the black ring onto his left hand and tightens his fingers into a fist. He repeats his wedding vows—and this time he means them.

Should I marry this man—again?
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