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The Quiet Limit - Trista Lundquist

The Quiet Limit - Trista Lundquist

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What if you knew what year you'd die?

Since she could first comprehend the meaning of death Lai has known she'd only live to see eighteen years. In her secluded community, scientists calculate residents' life expectancies at birth and one's place within society is determined based on their lifespan. Tragically, Lai's anticipated Year of Death has defined her as someone with little value to society. When her eighteenth birthday comes and goes, she knows she's living on borrowed time and begins to emotionally withdraw and resign herself to her fate.

That's when Lai discovers something that shocks her to her core and forces her to face the reality that the controlled, peaceful, productive community she knows is hiding something deeply sinister. Set in a speculative society that is so imaginatively conceived we're never quite sure if it's utopian or dystopian, The Quiet Limit gives us a heartbroken protagonist at the most heightened and emotional moment of her life and sets her on an urgent, dangerous quest to find answers before her time is up.

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