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The Sneak Peak - Victoria Wilder

The Sneak Peak - Victoria Wilder

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My Best Friend. Young. Tempting.

She bid on me at my company’s charity auction and won. Back then, she was too young, with hearts in her eyes and her whole life ahead of her. That’s how we started, and after all this time, she’s become my best friend.

Being a single dad of twins and running Colorado's most successful summer sports company requires control and focus. Both of which are slipping through my fingers.

I just crashed her date and watched her kiss another man. The whole time her eyes were on me.

Now, she’s living in my house, nannying my kids for the summer, and saying she wants to “explore” things that drip with the kind of filthy curiosity that I crave.

I don’t want her to have anyone else, but I know it'll change us if I take what I want. And, if we destroy our friendship it’ll ruin me. Or worse, end up breaking my kid’s hearts and hers.

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