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The Target - Lena Hendrix

The Target - Lena Hendrix

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All I wanted was a break from my small-town life. Not to be stuck driving across the country with my older brother’s gorgeous, infuriating best friend. Charming, cocky federal agent Scott Dunn is back in my life. And I hate him.

Four years ago, Scotty was the center of every one of my fantasies. He was funny, kind, and eleven years older than me—a protector. But one ill-timed confession and he vanished from my life without so much as a goodbye.

Now I’ve been called to testify against the criminals who kidnapped me, and the gorgeous, infuriating man I tried so hard to forget has been assigned to protect me. I want answers, and he refuses to give them.

But as much as he claims to hate me, too, I see the way his eyes linger on my skin. How his hands itch to reach out. He understands me in a way I’ve never let another man get close enough to know. My scars, physical and emotional, are a constant reminder of the girl I used to be.

A girl I try to forget.

As we travel across the country, the tension and simmering heat become unbearable. He’s pushing me outside my comfort zone, while I’m desperately searching for control—until I realize Scott is more than willing to give it to me.

Once this is over, I know he’ll disappear again. But for now, he’s surrendering his control, and I’m going to take it.

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