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The Wolf And His Wife- Penelope Sky

The Wolf And His Wife- Penelope Sky

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I betrayed my husband—and I don’t regret it.

I interfered in his father’s revenge, but the death of two innocent women was intolerable. I pissed off my father-in-law and destroyed my husband’s trust. He asked for a divorce—but thankfully revoked it. The relationship we built is gone—and now we have to start over.

Now his walls are higher than ever before. He spends the night with his mistresses instead of sleeping with me. There’s so much distance between us, even when we’re seated together at the dinner table. All the affection I earned from him is gone.

This estrangement only deepens my feelings, because now I realize exactly what I lost. I’m not interested in a business relationship or a bodyguard. I don’t want a friend. What I really want…is a husband.

And I know he wants a wife.
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