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Pages of Passion

Thirteen Candles - Sienna Judd

Thirteen Candles - Sienna Judd

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Sam Rider is mouthy, bossy, uppity as shit, and I have no choice but to deal with her smart-mouth since she’s my daughter’s teacher.

Sam waltzes into our small town on a temporary contract equipped with brochures and more change than a single dad can handle. I never trusted anybody to tell me what to do and I sure as hell won’t start with Sam, ten years younger, a city girl and only in Starlight Canyon for the short haul.

I have to watch those sassy pink lips tell me what’s right for three solid months and she won’t stop until I change my mind. Thing is, the more we get to know each other, the more I want to change her mind, too.

About leaving.

Welcome to Starlight Canyon, a small town of grumpy cowboys and the women that bring them to their knees. These books bring high heat and emotion. 18+ advisable. Trigger- fertility issues.
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