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Three Hearts Hideaway - Luna Day

Three Hearts Hideaway - Luna Day

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When Ava stumbles into sleepy Little Greenfield with nothing but a suitcase and humiliating voice message on her phone, the last thing she expects to find is Roman—a tattooed B&B owner who offers her a place to stay.

After dumping her narcissistic boyfriend and running away from the embarrassment he caused her, she needs to focus on herself. It’s up to her to puzzle out what she truly desires in a partner, and the sparks flying between her and Roman—and his broody best friend Logan—are too tempting to pass up.

But when her past comes knocking, it’s hard not to crumble to the familiar cycle of cruelty, even when things feel so right in this small town—with both these men.

Could Roman and Logan be her soulmates? Or will Ava prove she’s exactly what her ex says she is? A deviant.

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