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Unmasking The Curse - Chelle Cypress

Unmasking The Curse - Chelle Cypress

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Loathed and feared. Sold into a hateful marriage. Can she escape a prison to embrace her power and unexpected love?

Arianna Park is resigned to misery. Bound to an enchanted porcelain mask to contain a devastating curse, she’s set to wed a venomous man for the sake of her destitute family. But when a handsome stranger saves her from a fate worse than death, she’s shocked when he claims to be afflicted with the same blight.

Silas Belmont keeps his emotions well-buried. Brooding and aloof, visiting his sister takes an intriguing turn when he rescues a young beauty harboring a dark gift. And seeing in her a kindred spirit, he guides her in mastering her talent only to find himself begrudgingly captivated by the intelligent but naïve lady.

After Arianna inadvertently breaks propriety and incurs her betrothed’s wrath, she flees with her hero. And as Silas feels the walls around his heart crumbling, he fears his hidden sin will doom them both to ruin.

Can they break free of their twisted pasts and unite as one?

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