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Pages of Passion

Unnatural Magic - Stacia Stark

Unnatural Magic - Stacia Stark

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I was kept ignorant and sheltered my whole life.

Now that I’m free, I’ll never be coddled again.

Even if the smoking hot werewolf king thinks coddling is perfectly acceptable.

Because something’s hunting humans in my city. Something that kills like a werewolf, but displays those kills publicly–as if taunting the authorities.

Thanks to my spiffy new agreement with the police, it’s my job to figure out just what that something is.

But whoever is hunting the good citizens of Durham is also taunting me.

When my investigation takes me to the local werewolf pack–and the overprotective male in charge–I know I’m in trouble.

Can I solve these murders without losing my freedom... or my life?

Or will the creature make me regret ever thinking I was strong enough to be out in the world alone?

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