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Pages of Passion

Wanted - Lauren Biel

Wanted - Lauren Biel

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I'm wanted.

On the lam, running from the law and my mistakes. The house tucked into the trees seems safe—an excellent place to hide out.

Once inside, I find something unexpected. A nurse that can do more than heal my wounds. But the longer I'm awake, the more reality starts to blur, and I can't tell what's real and what's not anymore.

Plagued by ill fantasies and temptation, I try to keep her safe from me. It works until the lines between us also begin to blur.

Vanessa, like her home, will never be the same once I get inside.

Wanted is a dark, spicy novella with a plethora of content advisories. It’s part of Lauren Biel's “after dark” collection.

Major trigger warnings: Dubious/Non Consent, home invasion, violence, murder, substance abuse, strong sexual content
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