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Pages of Passion

Was I Ever Free - Naomi Loud

Was I Ever Free - Naomi Loud

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The past holds no power when the future is you

It took twenty-four years, but Lucy Lincoln finally escaped the twisted religious cult she was born into—
Sacro Nuntio.

A year later, Lucy still feels shackled to her past–and smothered by her protective sister, Lenix. In an attempt to finally taste real freedom, she decides to take a road trip across the United States. Hoping that by embracing new experiences they can lead her to discover who she truly is without the weight of others' expectations.

Lenix places the condition that the broody resident hacker of the Sin Eaters, Bastian Maxwell, must go along with her—despite both of their protests.

Bastian's cynical outlook and imposing silence clashes with her innocent optimism and endearing, yet sheltered, view of the world, threatening to ruin Lucy’s first chance at true adventure.

However, what begins as a begrudging journey down Highway 66 between practical strangers, turns into a salacious deal when Lucy blind-sides Bastian with a proposition he can’t refuse.

Insisting on no-strings attached, Bastian agrees to teach Lucy just how good freedom can really feel,
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