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Pages of Passion

Wasted Memories - Karley Brenna

Wasted Memories - Karley Brenna

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Emerson Foley knows first hand how unforgiving life can be, but that doesn’t stop her from living hers to the fullest. Well, as “full” as life can get in a small town. When she meets Jett, he’s everything she could’ve hoped for. But the man she fell in love with changes, letting bad habits take over. As their relationship heads south, another man shows up in town, all too willing to let her into his home when she has nowhere else to go.

Wesley Barton is running from the reality he doesn’t want to face. Thinking relocation is the only way to keep himself together, he ends up in a stormy seaside town. But even small towns have chaos ensuing behind closed doors, and he finds that out all too quickly when he stops for a drink at the local bar and his eyes land on a jaw-dropping, attention-seeking, small town smokeshow.

Emerson doesn't need another man in her life, but despite her efforts to avoid him, Wesley’s at every corner, coming to her rescue more times than she can count. Sometimes, life throws a monkey wrench at you when you least expect it, and what happens next is nothing Emerson could have seen coming.

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