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Where We Belong - N.S. Perkins

Where We Belong - N.S. Perkins

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Lexie Tuffin has one goal in life: making it to the Olympics as a gymnast for Team USA. Her dream was almost crushed when she injured herself last year and lost everything: her coach, her gym, and her future. Now, she’s starting from scratch. The only gym that will have her is in Nowhere, Vermont, but she’s determined to make a comeback. Nothing and no one is going to shake her focus.

Except, apparently, Finn Olsen.

Finn has spent his adult life traveling the world, never wanting to settle in one place until last year, when he came back to his dull hometown to manage his friend’s Christmas tree farm. And while he’s slowly fallen in love with the job, he can’t shake the wild reputation he earned for himself so many years ago. The town still sees him as a liability, and maybe that’s how he sees himself. It’s definitely how Lexie sees him.

After a catastrophic introduction, Lexie wants nothing to do with Finn. The fact that she rents a cabin on his farm makes their interactions unavoidable, to Lexie’s great despair. However, the more they bump into each other, the clearer it becomes that the snarky flannel-wearing man might not be so bad after all. In fact, he might be the first person to ever really see her.

Her mind should only be on her training. He doesn’t want to fall for anyone. But neither of them seems able to stop feelings from developing, and the further they go from their own expectations, the more they risk finding what they’ve been looking for all along: somewhere to belong.

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