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Worship Your Queen - Penelope Sky

Worship Your Queen - Penelope Sky

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Crewe almost died—because of me.

I told Joseph to abort the plan, but he went through with it anyway, shooting Crewe right in the chest and leaving him to die. My world crashed around me and I had no other choice but to run. I half-expected him to come for me in New York, but he never did. It’s been a month since we parted, and I’ve returned to my old life in the city. I go to work, go on dates, live the life that was taken from me…but something is missing.

The pain in my chest gets worse, not better, and I can’t stop thinking about the man I left behind. The longing becomes so intense that I hop on a plane and cross the world to wind up on his doorstep, face to face with the fury in his stare. It’s obvious I have no chance to get him back—but I try anyway.

“ You shouldn’t have come here .” His affectionate stare is replaced by a look of hatred. There’s a small tremor in his arms, like it’s taking all his strength not to reach out and snap my neck in his big hands. “ Congratulations—you fooled me. You made me love you in a way I’ve never loved a woman all my life. Your deceit has earned your freedom—so go enjoy it.” It’s the moment where I should walk away, but I can’t.

I can’t leave without fighting for this man—the man I love.
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